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FRESH COFFEE by Bubzl Contributors

There's a flip-side to fame: that of the fallen idol. Hannah's Horse, for instance. He was a hot celeb till this video came out.

I caught up with H.H. in his house, now in foreclosure. His white dyed hair had returned to brown again. I asked if he had advice for American Pharoh.

"Run hard and enjoy the view," he offered. "If you trip, its a steep fall."
I taped the visit for local news like I sometimes do. We watched some TV, including the Belmont Stakes. "Watch out for the $!#&! horse on your right, man!!"
He did a shout out to some old pals: "Squatter's encampment under the South Railroad bridge; I'll be seeing ya'll again soon (sigh)."
"Its okay. I've got my tent, a sleeping bag. Also, a trunk-load of solar-powered coffee grinders I endorsed when I was still a Hollywood 'thing'. Feel free to borrow if you want. Fresh coffee haha! I prep my daily Starbucks Columbian with mine."

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